We look forward to continuing with helping lawyers start & grow their practice in San Francisco, the west coast, and all across the United States in places like Atlanta, Savannah, Miami, New York, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Our new office is located at 388 Market Street, Suite 1300 San Francisco, CA 94111

About 3a. Law Management

3a. Law Management has helped firms across the country be more successful through our unique approach to law practice management.

Our tried and true method is found in what we call the Lawyer’s Survival Kit, a blueprint for running the most efficient firm possible, no matter the size.

3a law management tree our services

marketing survival kit

whether it’s your social media footprint, web presence, or litigation skills, clients have a choice.

these areas ensure your firm is a viable option.

we analyze your marketing procedures and advise what processes to put in place so your firm doesn’t miss an opportunity.

we create client relationship management and referral source ROI analytics that ensures you are efficient with your marketing time and dollars.

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technology survival kit

IT has a dead-stop direct effect on the bottom line if it breaks.

it’s also your strength and mobility when working properly.

at 3a. we not only embrace technology – we are obsessed with it and how we can use it to make your firm more efficient.

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Operations survival kit

translating your innate advocacy into a successful living requires you to consistently represent clients to their standard, the bar’s and the firm’s.

we’ve created streamlined processes and systems to let you focus on being a lawyer first and foremost.
stop spending your precious time reacting to fires and let our processes do the work instead.

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Lawyers survival kit

we are your resource. we are your law firm gurus. we are your sounding board. lean on us.

whether it’s hourly or project based, we only charge you when we absolutely have to. we don’t bill for phone calls or emails so reach out any time if you need our advice.

we’re neurotically responsive to lawyers in need.

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