3a. stands for many things, but at it’s core it represents the three “a”s of law management:

The more you know, the better you can make decisions. we make you aware of all the options and consequences in the legal marketplace.

People are creatures of habit conditioned by environment. We eliminate weaknesses and create purposeful and effective habits.

Most clients have the awareness and aptitude. We bring the third of the three ”a”s. We make sure you grow and accomplish your goals.

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3a. Law Management has helped firms across the country be more successful through our unique approach to law practice management. Our tried and true method is found in what we call the Lawyer’s Survival Kit™, a blueprint for running the most efficient firm possible, no matter the size. 3a. Law Management’s Survival Kits™ increase your firm’s performance with incentives, processes, and technology guides to streamline workflow. We help you manage your client data and case files in the most effective way for your firm. We eliminate duplicative efforts and teach you how to best use the tools on hand, like  drafting hundreds of flawless documents in less than a second using case management systems. You can even manage your entire firm from an iPad, allowing you to know how your firm is running even while you’re away from the office. With twenty years of exclusive experience, 3a. Law Management™ can improve all aspects of your firm to be more efficient and rewarding.

By revolutionizing the way your firm operates, you will create more profit in less time. The result is a law firm that you control, not one that controls you. That control is invaluable and you’ll be able to pass that value on to your employees, your clients and even your family.  It’s your choice to be proactive or reactive in life, and when you’re prepared and equipped with the tools to handle every day hiccups, you’ll find your days less stressful, and your job more rewarding.

If you are ready to take the next step, explore the Lawyer’s Survival Kit™, client testimonies, and schedule your free consultation with 3a. to discover how we can help your firm be all it can be.

The 3a. Team

You often hear it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes your own 3a. team to help your firm perform at its optimum level. Our team of consultants will guide you through the process to make the implementation enjoyable and successful. Meet your 3a. Law Management teammates.

Alvaro A. Arauz
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Emiley Cox
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Jesse Mount
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Sina Bakhtiari
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National Presence

3a. Law Management helps lawyers start & grow their practice in places like Atlanta, San Francisco, Savannah, Miami, New York, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and Dallas. This means 3a. Law Management can probably help you.


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I highly recommend Alvaro – the level of success we are achieving today and every day at the Hawkins Law Firm is the direct result of the very smart decision I made to hire him. I hired Alvaro when my law practice had become disorganized and inefficient. We were producing quality legal work, but the practice was not running smoothly. We first addressed our infrastructure – personnel and vendors. Alvaro showed me where my staff was not getting the job done and we put a plan into action to increase accountability.”

Michael Hawkins

Founding Partner of Hawkins DUI Law Firm; Superlawyers 2004-2013; Regent – National College for DUI Defense

“Alvaro and his team have transformed my law firm. From operations to marketing, 3a. has come in to the firm and honed the skills we had and introduced new ones we were lacking. We’ve enjoyed working with Alvaro, Jesse and all of his team. There is truly a sense of teamwork and everyone is goal oriented. I’m excited to just be beginning our journey and looking forward to all of the great things to come!”


Joseph Suhre

Managing Partner at Suhre & Associates, LLC

“When I told another intellectual property lawyer about my ideas to start and grow a new law firm, she immediately recommended Alvaro as someone who could take my ideas and make them a reality. He and his team did just that … on time and on budget! Years later, we continue to work together and Alvaro has become a trusted friend. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Alvaro and his team for any lawyer seeking to start, grow or improve his or her practice.”

Michael Powell

Ranked globally in Chambers USA & listed as one of the “Best Lawyers in America since 2013 – Intellectual Property