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we are your resource. we are your law firm gurus. we are your sounding board. lean on us.

whether it’s hourly or project based, we only charge you when we absolutely have to. we don’t bill for phone calls or emails so reach out any time if you need our advice.

we’re neurotically responsive to lawyers in need.


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lawyer's survival kits

the lawyer's survival kittm begins with a thorough review of your goals and plans through a processes and strategic management assessment. this assessment will outline the necessary steps, personalized for your firm, that represent your current location in the market place as well as your ideal position, or “end goal.”


we only help lawyers. we know you. we’ve worked with hundreds of attorneys in nearly every practice area all across the country for the last twenty years. use our collective expertise and vast experience to get you where you want to be with your practice.

start up kits

if you want to open your own practice, it’s usually a daunting experience. take heart in our cliff notes version of a startup guide we call the lawyer’s survival kittm. don’t recreate the wheel. we’ve helped a myriad amount of lawyers just like you take the first step towards freedom. use our experience to focus on what is important at precisely the right time.

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