3a Law Management – founded by Alvaro Arauz – is a leading resource for helping lawyers start a Law Firm, run a Law Firm, market a Law Firm, and manage a Law Firm. If you are a lawyer/law firm owner or partner or want to start your own law firm, this is the podcast for  you.

Alvaro has been working for law firms around the country (and internationally) for over 25 years. He shares his time tested tips that have helped countless lawyers realize the firms of their dreams. We go over his four truth and he explains what they all mean and why they are important:

  1. A brilliant attorney doesn’t always equate to an accomplished business owner.
  2. The success of a firm depends not just on your skill in the courtroom or conference room, but on your leadership skills and ability to comply with the rules of the game. Compliance mistakes are some of the most costly and destructive for any law practice.
  3. Some of the most skilled lawyers find difficulty in running their offices efficiently. Inefficiency is the root of failure.
  4. 3a. law management helps attorneys translate their innate advocacy into a successful practice. We help lawyers identify and eliminate their weaknesses and create purposeful and effective new habits.

Other topics:

  • how to use social media the right way;
  • community marketing;
  • learning and investing in AI;
  • attending Conferences and making the time worthwhile;
  • analyzing date to understand ROI;
  • teaching courses at UGA School of Law;
  • sitting courtside at the Atlanta Hawks games

 Check out Alvaro’s website at https://3alawmanagement.com/ and talk a look at the different tools available.

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