We teach you how to use technology to erase duplicative efforts and ensure a consistent client experience.   We help firms fully integrate their case management and billing software by creating easy-to-follow processes.

If you don’t know where to start or where you stand technologically, but feel you’re lagging behind, allow us to help. 3a. Law Management will look into your computers, internet network, peripherals and software and audit its capacity. We then make recommendations based on your firm size, practice area and where you want to be. We know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s why we give our recommendations out based on critical issues that need to be addressed right away and things that you’ll want to implement in the future. We’ll also break down costs, coordinate product purchase and confirm with your onsite IT team if you have one.

Yes, it is possible.  In fact, we’ve been helping law firms be paperless since the 1990s.  If your firm is still in the last century, we can help.  Having all our your files easily accessible on your computer is extremely important, and you don’t want to be spending extra time making physical files when you don’t need to be.  Paperless is more cost effective, eco friendly and a lot simpler when it comes to office organization!

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Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend Alvaro for law practice management consulting. He knows what a law firm needs to run efficiently and how to make a firm profitable.  My law firm was faced with the daunting task of choosing billing software, practice management software, accounting software and an IT system. Any wrong decision would cost tens of thousands of dollars to correct. After numerous recommendations from other attorneys, we hired Alvaro to consult on these specific issues. Immediately, he provided a comprehensive analysis of each option based on the firm’s goals and provided his recommendation. Collectively, his recommendations saved us at least $30k over 5 years.   Since then, we have hired Alvaro to consult on various topics such as marketing, public relations, human resources and work flow.”

Founding partner of Knight Johnson, specializing in business disputes, contract litigation, real estate litigation, construction litigation., Bryan Knight

“…he explained how technology could increase our efficiency. We instituted a firm management software program called Daylite that is awesome and easy to learn. Since hiring Alvaro, my practice has grown from 2 lawyers with 1 staff, to 3 lawyers with 2 staff…”

Founding Partner of Hawkins DUI Law Firm; SuperLawyers 2004-2021, Dean 2018, National College for DUI Defense., Michael Hawkins
Certifications & Partnerships

We have helped our clients implement all of the different applications and programs below. We are also certified partners and experts with many of the leading case management software companies in the legal industry.

CMS Comparison Guide

Looking for a case management software for your firm? Take a look at our case management comparison guide and compare some of the most commonly used case management systems available today. This information can change often so if you have any questions, please reach out to us!

View CMS Comparison Guide