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IT has a dead-stop direct effect on the bottom line if it breaks.

it's also your strength and mobility when working properly.

at 3a. we not only embrace technology - we are obsessed with it and how we can use it to make your firm more efficient.

case management implementation

law + technology = efficiency

we teach you how to use technology to erase duplicative efforts and ensure a consistent client experience. we help firms fully integrate their case management and billing software by creating easy-to-follow processes.

almost every firm we encounter is not using case management software to its capacity. even worse, some do not even have a centralized database necessary to comply with bar guidelines or malpractice requirements. we help you bridge the gap in easy to follow phases to ensure peak productivity.

paperless law

yes, it is possible. in fact, we’ve been helping law firms be paperless since the 1990s. if your firm is still in the last century, we can help. having all your files easily accessible on your computer is extremely important, and you don’t want to be spending extra time making physical files when you don't need to be. paperless is more cost effective, eco friendly and a lot simpler when it comes to office organization.

if you've ever spent more than ten seconds looking for a document, you're doing it wrong. if you multiply your hourly rate times the time it takes you to find data, you'll quickly notice why more and more firms are going paperless.

IT audits

if you don’t know where to start or where you stand technologically, but feel you’re lagging behind, allow us to help. 3a. law managementtm will look into your computers, internet network, peripherals and software and audit its capacity. we then make recommendations based on your firm size, practice area and where you want to be. we know that rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s why we give our recommendations out based on critical issues that need to be addressed right away and things that you’ll want to implement in the future. we’ll also break down costs, coordinate product purchase and confirm with your onsite IT team if you have one.

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