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Randall Kessler

Chair of American Bar Association, Family Law; Chair of Georgia State Bar Association, Family Law

“Alvaro gets it. And he makes you feel like you get it too. He is calm and authoritative, but most importantly, he knows what works and what doesn’t. Alvaro has given me the insight into the business world that exists behind every law practice.”

Michael Hawkins

Founding Partner of Hawkins DUI Law Firm; SuperLawyers 2004-2021, Dean 2018, National College for DUI Defense.

“I highly recommend Alvaro – the level of success we are achieving today and every day at the Hawkins Law Firm is the direct result of the very smart decision I made to hire him. I hired Alvaro when my law practice had become disorganized and inefficient. We were producing quality legal work, but the practice was not running smoothly. We first addressed our infrastructure – personnel and vendors. Alvaro showed me where my staff was not getting the job done and we put a plan into action to increase accountability. He went through all of our providers and showed me where we were spending too much money and identified where we could save money. Next, he explained how technology could increase our efficiency. We instituted a firm management software program called Daylite that is awesome and easy to learn. Since hiring Alvaro, my practice has grown from 2 lawyers with 1 staff, to 3 lawyers with 2 staff. Presently, Alvaro is supervising the building of our new website, and we are very excited about it. Our next project once the site is launched is to put a marketing plan in place. Alvaro says that all marketing has to be personal – and he has a great approach to making the time we spend on it worthwhile. Alvaro is not inexpensive – neither are good lawyers. He can help you as he has helped me with a wide variety of small law firm needs that nobody else has the contacts and know-how to make a difference in your practice. He is also a very pleasant guy to work with and is a family man who genuinely cares about his clients.”

Joseph Suhre

Managing Partner at Suhre & Associates, LLC

“Alvaro and his team have transformed my law firm. From operations to marketing, 3a. has come in to the firm and honed the skills we had and introduced new ones we were lacking. We’ve enjoyed working with Alvaro, Monica, Jesse and all of his team. There is truly a sense of teamwork and everyone is goal oriented. I’m excited to just be beginning our journey and looking forward to all of the great things to come!”

Chad Adams

Owner at Davis Adams, LLC

“Alvaro has done an amazing job helping Davis Adams, LLC become a more efficient and effective law practice. He took the time to understand our practice and developed a plan to make things work faster and better in our office. His ability and willingness to understanding how our practice works and then to effectively apply technology to streamline our work-flow was exactly what we needed. I recommend him without reservation or caveat.”

Michael Powell

Ranked globally in Chambers USA & listed as one of the “Best Lawyers in America since 2013 – Intellectual Property

“Mr. Powell, as the Managing Shareholder of the firm’s Atlanta office, was instrumental in helping Baker Donelson grow to more than 600 lawyers.  “When I told another intellectual property lawyer about my ideas to start and grow a new law firm, she immediately recommended Alvaro as someone who could take my ideas and make them a reality. He and his team did just that … on time and on budget! Years later, we continue to work together and Alvaro has become a trusted friend. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Alvaro and his team for any lawyer seeking to start, grow or improve his or her practice.”

Jackie Hutter

Globally Recognized IP Strategist, Business Counselor, Patent Lawyer and Startup Entrepreneur

“Alvaro Arauz is unquestionably the most effective legal marketing consultant I have ever worked with in my 20 years in the profession. Unlike other, more expensive, legal marketing consultants, Alvaro doesn’t propose, he disposes. That is, after finding out whether you are serious about taking your practice to the next level, he helps you formulate an executable plan of action that will make it possible for your legal practice to be everything you want it to be. I have recommended Alvaro to a number of my colleagues over the years and, to a person, each is amazed at his effectiveness. I can recommend him and his team unconditionally. Well, there is one slight condition–you have to be committed to transforming your legal practice to one that allows you to follow your bliss. If that’s your starting point, then the sky’s the limit with Alvaro at your side.”

Damon S. Bivek

Founding Partner of Bivek, Brubaker & Prescott. Forward thinking solutions in Family Law

“Alvaro has proven instrumental in the establishment and growth of my law practice. As an associate, working at a law firm for several years, my goal was always to one day build my own law practice. Taking the leap from working for someone else to working for myself always seemed just out of reach. 3a. law practice management helped bridge the gap and turned my dreams into a reality.

Today, I am the proud owner of a law practice that has grown significantly in a short amount of time. Alvaro and his company helped me tremendously in creating my practice and building it from the ground up. He has helped me with everything from designing, implementing and managing an efficient billing system with virtually no lost income or income receivables, to finding and implementing efficient solutions for malpractice insurance, advertising / marketing, and website design and optimization.

Alvaro continues to be an invaluable resource for the growth of my law practice. I would highly recommend his services for anyone looking to hang up their own shingle, or grow their practice by slashing costs and administrating efficient business strategies specifically tailored for law firms.”

Jeff Shiver

Awarded top 40 under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers – Georgia Super Lawyer 2007-2014, Shiver Hamilton – Personal Injury Firm

“Alvaro is an excellent resource for any lawyer or firm looking to take their practice to the next level. From internal workflow process to marketing, Alvaro’s ideas and feedback are always helpful. A great person to have on your team.”

Art Italo

Marketing and Management Consultant to the Legal Profession – Italo Consulting

“I have collaborated with Alvaro, and have referred him numerous clients who have been very happy with his advice. Alvaro’s strengths lie in helping law firms with productivity and organizational solutions for getting work done efficiently and cost effectively. He has an excellent understanding of how to structure workflow to reduce bottlenecks and improve performance, with substantial benefits to the bottom line. In these areas I would recommend him highly.”

Bryan Knight

Founding partner of Knight Johnson, specializing in business disputes, contract litigation, real estate litigation, construction litigation.

“I highly recommend Alvaro for law practice management consulting. He knows what a law firm needs to run efficiently and how to make a firm profitable.  My law firm was faced with the daunting task of choosing billing software, practice management software, accounting software and an IT system. Any wrong decision would cost tens of thousands of dollars to correct. After numerous recommendations from other attorneys, we hired Alvaro to consult on these specific issues. Immediately, he provided a comprehensive analysis of each option based on the firm’s goals and provided his recommendation. Collectively, his recommendations saved us at least $30k over 5 years.   Since then, we have hired Alvaro to consult on various topics such as marketing, public relations, human resources and work flow.”

Sean Park

As seen on NBC, ABC & CNN – Sean Park Law – Criminal Defense & Personal Injury

“Whether you’re an upstart sole practitioner or an established firm looking to broaden and grow your business, Alvaro and 3a. are the best in the business.”

Cade Parian

Awarded top 40 under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers – The Parian Law Firm – Personal Injury

“Loyalty is the 1st thing that comes to mind when I speak of Alvaro. Opening a solo personal injury law firm is scary beyond words. There were times I wanted to give up. There were other times I can honestly say that I had no idea what I was doing. The only certain thing was the constant support, coaching, and energy of Alvaro Arauz. He is accessible to his clients, incredible at networking for his clients, and his knowledge of running a successful law practice is incredible. Despite being the ONLY person in my office, I always knew that Alvaro was there to help when I needed it. I highly recommend Alvaro’s services to solos and big firms alike! Go ahead and write the check he needs. You won’t be disappointed.”

Julie Poirier

Awarded 2015 Client’s Choice by Avvo- The Poirier Law Firm – Workers’ Compensation

“Alvaro and his staff are fantastic. They have been an intricate part of my new firm and my new firms’ success, every step of the way. What could have been an overwhelming and daunting experience, turned into one of the best decisions and experiences of my life, thanks to him and his team. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is even remotely contemplating it. GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it.”

Brian D. Granville

President/CEO Granville Group Enterprises

“Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have or the many ways Alvaro and his entire 3a. law management team has thoroughly transformed my law practice. In addition to educating me on the basic fundamentals of running a successful law firm as a business, his ideas helped me develop specific strategies for success as a lawyer. For instance, I now have step by step core processes to follow from client intake to case resolution. A system to follow for business development. A marketing plan on how to transform my law firm through traditional means and by utilizing technology and social media. A public relations campaign I can follow to increase firm awareness within my industry and the general public. I’m a great lawyer, but now I know what it takes to run a great law firm as a business enterprise. I have a “How to Guide” designed by Alvaro specifically tailored to reach and sustain the goals I’ve set for my practice. All I need to do is follow it with discipline and rigor. The seeds Alvaro planted is elevating me from just being good to being GREAT. So if you want to elevate your law practice and just don’t know how or what to do…. Call Alvaro and his 3a. team.”

Clarence O. Taylor, IV. PHD

Former Magistrate Judge & Founding Partner. Results called “justice” are not always the same. Our objective as your attorney is to make the law deliver true justice for you.

“I have known Alvaro for approximately 12 years and know him to be the consummate professional. I have seen Alvaro grow from working in a law firm to owning his own business (3a.) and have known him to have exemplary character and work ethic in every regard. Alvaro has always remained zealous in his commitment to clients and unmatched in his ability to analyze a situation and discern what is needed for the client. Alvaro truly leaves no stone unturned in his representation, while remaining courteous and considerate in what could be difficult situations otherwise. Alvaro never looses sight of his client or their cause and I wholeheartedly endorse him.”

Thomas Maronick Jr.

Attended Alvaro’s seminar at Avvo’s Lawyernomics Conference in Las Vegas in 2016: Owner and Founding Attorney at The Law Office of Thomas J. Maronick Jr., LLC

“Truly outstanding. Asked for his card”

Jason W. Swindle Sr.

Criminal Defense Attorney/Legal Columnist, Commentator, and Analyst / Professor of Criminology, and Author

“My firm hired Alvaro in 2015-16 to assist and audit my marketing practices. He also assisted my firm with efficiency, public relations, media relations, and networking. Because my firm is located in west Georgia (Carrollton and Douglasville), we did not have many connections in the Atlanta area. Alvaro changed that. Hiring Alvaro was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. He helped me and my firm way beyond our expectations. Overall, it would have been more expensive not to hire Alvaro than to hire him.”

Audrey Hoge

Firm Administrator and Case Manager for Don Turner Legal Team

“I cannot say enough about the difference Alvaro has made in our firm. We benefit from his guidance and assistance in marketing, staffing, and practice improvement. He has been able to translate Don’s vision for serving our clients and expanding the firm into clearly defined roles, procedures, and strategic initiatives.

Alvaro helped me redefine staff roles to ensure that support staff had clearly defined responsibilities in every aspect of case work from our first contact with a potential client all the way through closing a case. This procedure touches and improves almost every aspect of our practice and makes it so much easier for anyone and everyone who needs to know about a case to have information at their fingertips for unexpected calls from clients, court preparation, calls to prosecuting attorneys, etc.

Alvaro has also been invaluable in recruiting and training staff. He knows the combination of skills, expertise, and personality in new hires that will move us toward our goals. He is unwavering stand for me to demand more of myself and staff in achieving the firm’s goals. He guides me in working with each individual appropriate to their personality, level of experience, and unique skills to enhance their performance.”

Devin Stone

“Working for Alvaro over two years has been an eye opening experience as to how caring, fair, and supportive a person can be. He would rather give too much than too little, build someone up rather than tear them down, and always give a person the respect they deserve. Countless times my paychecks were rounded up or vacations extended because Alvaro understands that that the more you give the more you inspire others to give back. He lives this out in many aspects of his life whether it is with his employees, his family, or many of the non-profit boards he donates his time and expertise to.

Since I started with 3a. Law Practice Management during the earlier years, I witnessed Alvaro’s work ethic and character lead the company to great heights. He puts a tremendous amount of investment into each and every client no matter how big or small. One only needs to look at the tremendous amount of glowing client reviews to see his results.

During my time at 3a., I learned more by Alvaro’s example about business management, personal relationships, and customer satisfaction than all my previous work history combined. Anyone who has the opportunity to work for, or with, Alvaro should view the opportunity as a fantastic privilege.”

Joanne Donner

President of Mediation Services of Georgia, the road to resolution.

“Alvaro A. Arauz is that unusual person who not only excels at what he does professionally, but is also exceptionally gracious, warm and highly-principled in his personal life. He brings an impressive level of creativity to his work as a consultant to law firms and also in his personal pursuit of photography.

He is a giving person who never hesitates to connect people who might benefit from knowing one another and who willingly gives of his time and talent to non-profit organizations. I highly recommend Alvaro to anyone in the legal profession who wants to expand and improve their practice. His track record with legal clients is one of ongoing success and achievement.”

Amy Levin

Managing Director – The Legal Group

“Alvaro you are the best in the business. I strongly support and endorse Alvaro and his incredibly bright marketing team. Alvaro’s experience and knowledge in the legal community has helped him effectively market the small to mid-sized law firm in the community. Alvaro is entrenched in the legal market place and he has made many of his clients very happy. I know first hand what 3a is is capable of doing and I highly recommend a face to face meeting with this guru to determine the best plan of action for your Firm’s success and growth.”

Nathaniel Hansford

Workers’ Compensation Claimant’s Attorney – The Law Offices of Nathaniel F. Hansford, LLC

“I have known Alvaro for several years now and I’m glad I met him. I highly recommend Alvaro for any consulting needs. He has helped my practice grow and I appreciate all he has done.”

Ivonne Betancourt

Asst. Dean of Career Development at The John Marshall Law School

“Besides being a pleasure to work with, Mr. Arauz is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several business plans for our office that have resulted in employment for our students.

Though he is an asset to our business and marketing efforts, Mr. Arauz was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the law school. In addition to inspiring and motivating attorneys and students, Mr. Arauz also speaks at our Solo Boot Camp CLE and Small Firm Hiring Seminar, offering excellent client growth management consulting advice. Mr. Arauz relates well to diverse audiences with humility and realism. He would bring valuable talents and assets to any company or organization with whom he associates.”

Marie Moreno Myers

Attended Alvaro’s seminar at Avvo’s Lawyernomics Conference in Las Vegas in 2016: Attorney-Certified Family Law Specialist

“Can it get any better?”

Richard B. Rudolph

Attended Alvaro’s seminar at Avvo’s Lawyernomics Conference in Las Vegas in 2016: Law Offices of Richard B. Rudolph – Senior Attorney


Kevin Patrick

Owner and founder of Kevin Patrick Law, LLC | Personal Injury, Daycare Negligence & Wrongful Death Attorney

“Great working with Alvaro, Monica, and Jesse. It’s a great team, and a must for anyone opening their own practice. Thanks!!!”

Calvin Lee, Jr.

Attended Alvaro’s seminar at Avvo’s Lawyernomics Conference in Las Vegas in 2016: Attorney-Owner of CJ Lee & Assoc. PC

“Very informational, ‘good to know’ materials & helpful tools”

Genevieve H. Dame

Dame Law: Empowering professionals to protect and secure their businesses.

“Alvaro and his team are talented, creative, and an all-around good investment. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them.”

Debi Merchant

Speaker, Author, Humorist, and Consultant; Officer Administrator at Visions Anew, the divorce resource for women.

“Alvaro met with us on many occasions, and really understood what our mission at Visions Anew was. In addition to introducing us to professionals who could help us with that mission, he also guided us in creative ways to ensure we kept our eyes on the goal and understood how to achieve it. He is very intuitive and sees the big picture. We are very pleased that he continues to be a part of our mission as we continue to grow.”

James Radford

Offering personal service & effective advocacy in employment law & civil rights

“Alvaro was a tremendous help to me after I made the decision to start my own legal practice.  The process can been frightening and uncertain.   He has the knowledge of the nuts and bolts of building a practice that gave me the reassurance and confidence to go forward.”

Calvin Lee, Jr.

Attended Alvaro’s seminar at Avvo’s Lawyernomics Conference in Las Vegas in 2016: Attorney-Owner of CJ Lee & Assoc. PC

“Very informational, ‘good to know’ materials & helpful tools”

Sanford A. Wallack

Criminal Defense – Defending those that need it most

“Working with 3a. has made running my own practice much simpler.  Alvaro is knowledgeable, efficient, easy to reach, available and affordable.  He also does a great job of tailoring his advice to your needs rather than merely offering all his clients the same cookie cutter consultation.”

Lisa Decker

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ – Guiding Clients to “Divorce your Spouse, Not your Money”

“Alvaro Arauz is a top-notch, outstanding consultant who gives his all with whatever he is involved with. It has been my extreme pleasure to work with Alvaro through our mutual Board positions for Visions Anew, a non-profit organization for those impacted by divorce, and through mutual professional affiliations in the community. Alvaro brings value with his business savvy as well as with his heart and integrity. I highly recommend Alvaro for any business or professional seeking his services.”

Margot Swann

Founder of Visions Anew, the divorce resource for women.

“Alvaro is a creative, trustworthy expert for empowering a business to become more productive and grow. He equips businesses to become more efficient, ready to take advantage of opportunities.   Alvaro clarifies the issues, facilitates connections with other quality experts and entities, and enables a business to become more productive, rising to its potential. Alvaro Arauz has been a tremendous help to our nonprofit.”

Michael D. Cross

Jr. Partner at Briskin, Cross & Sanford. LLC a full-service business, technology, and commercial law firm.

“I’ve known Alvaro for 13 years and have had the opportunity to observe his work. Alvaro has an excellent understanding of how to run a small to mid-size law practice or other type of business, through operations, marketing, hiring, and more. He works smart and hard and obtains excellent results.”

Jason C. Aufdermaur

Partner at Morris Law Partners, LLC a firm of entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs – serving the dreams of our clients with leadership, truth, and a sense of adventure

“We began working with 3a. and Alvaro in early 2010. His focus and understanding of his industry, coupled with an uncanny ability to hear beyond the words helped us create the change in our organization that we had struggled with for years.  I wholeheartedly recommend seeking his advice and consultation in matters regarding evolving company structures and finding/creating efficient teams.  Alvaro and 3a helped us move toward the kind of business that we have been seeking.”

Gregory Jacobs

Founding Partner of Jacobs & King – Estate Planning, Asset Protection & Complex Tax Issues

“Alvaro brings innovative ideas to our growing firm. He serves as a resource as to what is going on in the legal marketplace.  He’s also a sounding board for helping the partnership with its most challenging issues.  I strongly recommend Alvaro and his company for any firm or solo practitioner that is trying to get to the next level.”

Jonathan Levine

Founding partner of Levine, Smith, Snider & Wilson – Atlanta Boutique Family Law, top 100 attorneys in Georgia, former chair, Atlanta Bar Assoc. Family Law Section

“Since working with Alvaro, my income has increased and my stress level has decreased.  Most importantly, our firm has become much more organized and efficient.  Simply put, I would strongly urge any attorney – without hesitation – to use Alvaro.  He exceeded all expectations.”